Committee 2019/20

George Lamb - President

I founded EVO in September 2018 on a mission to engineer a difference to my local community, whilst encompassing a theme of social responsibility within our work. I’m currently a 3rd year Aerospace Engineering student at The University of Manchester, and one of thevery reasons I am here today is because of engineering role models who have paved the way before me. Up until college, I didn’t really understand what engineering truly was, and I think the same can be said for the vast majority of students. I aim to utilise EVO as a vehicle for change; a vehicle to educate and inform young peopleabout engineering. I want to challenge the preconceptions and inspire the next generation of engineers - regardless of their background. The other core mission at the heart of my decision to found EVO was the desire to address engineering challenges in the local community. By setting up student-led teams of volunteers, there is the scope and potential to improve the lives of those around us for the better by utilising the skills acquired through our degree programmes - also giving students the opportunity to put their degree into practice.

Younas Mahmood - Vice President

Luke Collinson - General Secretary

Rutvik Perepa - Treasurer

Hello I am Rutvik currently in 3rd year of Mechanical Engineering. I joined EVO as I wanted to get involved in volunteering that was aligned to my academic interests so it was a natural fit in that regards. I also really wanted to promote STEM and deliver/design/facilitate Engineering activities that made me go Cool as a kid, I do believe every student in school deserves to go at what Engineering stands for and go Wow this is what I want to do, and is why EVO was and is the best fit for me. I am currently the Treasurer in EVO which means I’m in charge of all things financial, and expansions for further funding. In a way I want to be able to contribute to make this society a lot bigger and self sustaining to future handovers

Seif Fahmy - Outreach

My name is Seif and I’m one of the Outreach Coordinators here at EVO. I signed up to be part of EVO because I believe it is incredibly important to get more people into STEM subjects. This is since economies are founded on the thing that come out of these fields including transport, medicine, products, machines, computers, etc. The outreach activities I do with EVO in schools and fairs also provide me with a sense of fulfilment as I give back to my community that has thankfully given me so much over the years.

Samantha O'Donnell - Outreach

Hi I’m Sam and I am currently in my third and final year studying Aerospace Engineering. I joined EVO because I feel as though it shows so much more to engineering than just the standard classroom lectures people expect when they’re looking at what they can do at uni. There’s also so many exciting projects that we can all play a part in, and it’s so exciting to think that we have all contributed to the final project which we can then take into various schools/science fairs to show them just how fun engineering can be. I also believe that the projects we undertake will be a huge benefit when it comes to employment as it shows initiative and teamwork. As a female member of this society, as well as being one of the community outreach officers, I feel it’s important to erase the stereotypes within engineering and show younger students/adults just how the field of engineering has changed over the past few years, and showcase how many opportunities are raised from ignoring these stereotypes and doing what you are passionate about.

Basri Jofray - Outreach

Fares Khalled - Volunteering